If you are running your RAM just a little over volt, feeling that temperature is holding your overclock back or just want to try to keep it alive a little longer then Kingston has a HyperX product for you; the Kingston HyperX KHX-FAN fanAs you can see in Tweaktown’s review, the cooler stands quite a distance above the DIMMs, a perfect feature when you consider the height of the heatspreaders on some DDR3 modules.  Along with that compatibility, it also works rather well. 

“Back when I started overclocking my RAM with a few sets of DDR, the voltage those old TCCD chips could take was insane by today’s standards and the heat they produced was sometimes unbearable. Then there weren’t too many commercially available options to give the memory its own dedicated airflow. I do remember something referred to as the “crab cooler”, but my efforts to find it now ended up with not being able to locate it. The need for memory specific cooling lead me to end up using 80mm and 120mm fans, rigged in my PC in ways I’d rather not discuss, due to their “ghetto mod” nature.

What Kingston has come up with is the Kingston HyperX Fan or KHX-FAN as it’s labeled on the package. The KHX-FAN is a memory cooler that uses the power of a motherboard header or any 3-pin fan connection to spin the dual fan designed arrangement. I’m no stranger to what these types of coolers are capable of doing for memory cooling and first impressions of the KHX-Fan lead me to believe they have built something very capable of the task at hand

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