When you buy a factory overclocked card with some sort of spiffy name or a long string of capital letters denoting exactly how cool the card is, it can be disappointing to discover a 10MHz overclock on the GPU.  Sapphire’s Toxic HD 4890 Vapor-X will not disappoint, it sports a 960MHz core clock speed which is 110MHz over reference and a 300MHz advantage in memory speed.  That translates into a noticeable bump in frame rates and to make the card even more attractive, The Guru of 3D got even more performance out of it, pushing the GPU above the 1GHz mark.

“Armed with a nice vapor chamber heatpipe based cooler and with it’s clock frequency locked at a steady 960 MHz, this little beast is ready for some serious gaming action. And it doesn’t stop there though, even the nice phat 1 GB graphics memory is clocked higher at 4200 MHz.

This is seriously one of the best Radeon HD 4890 cards we ever tested.”

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