Sitting right in the sweet spot for PSUs, the BFG MX-680 PSU supplies enough power for most systems and its ~$100 price tag is enough for most wallets to handle.  The MX denotes modular cabling and an exhaust fan; as well these new MX PSUs seem to have higher quality components.  Having modular cabling and higher end internals isn’t the only story with a PSU, there is efficiency and the warranty to consider; find out what Hardware Secrets final verdict was here.

“LS and MX are sister power supply series from BFG, with models from MX series coming with a modular cabling system, a 120-mm fan and an auxiliary 80-mm fan on the rear (which only kicks in when the temperature on the secondary heatsink is above 50º C), while models from LS series use a 135-mm fan and no modular cabling system or second fan. Initially both series used the same internal design, however this is not entirely true anymore. All models from MX series are manufactured by Fore Point (one of the factories from Fortrex), but LS-450 and the new version of LS-550 (marked as “LS-550 (New)” on their website, being the model currently available on are manufactured by Enhance. The old LS-550 and LS-680 are manufactured by Fore Point with the same design as models from MX series. According to BFG they will move all models from MX and LS to Enhance in the future, and when this happens units will be either released with new wattages (e.g. LS-700 instead of LS-680) or will have the name “New” added to their name.”

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