[H]ard|OCP actually managed to get a hold of a retail box XFX HD4770 dual-slot card, the YDFC model as the YDLC is a single slot card.  It is still a 40nm process GPU with 640 stream processors and 512MB of GDDR5, what is special about the card is that XFX has always been nVIDIA only, this is the first AMD silicon they have released.   Their ‘double lifetime’ warranty still applies, they are not taking anything away that you’d expect to see on their nVIDIA offerings.  Check out what this $100 card can do, and hope that the 40nm problem goes away soon so that the card can actually be purchased.

“We take our first look at a full retail boxed version of the Radeon HD 4770 from XFX. We’ll test its overclocking ability, take its temperature, and see what kind of performance it puts out while taking it for a spin around the block in real world gameplay testing. This dual-slot Radeon HD 4770 has a lot to offer at an attractive price.”

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