Netbooks are incredibly handy for those who are looking to get some work done while on the road and somewhat handy for the mobile movie watcher who doesn’t mind decreased screen size and battery life.  The polar opposite is the user who is looking for the power of an enthusiast level PC in a mobile platform, who expects to need a power outlet to use it as well as occasional visits to the chiropractor to decompress the damage to their spines from carrying around half their own body weight in laptops and accessories.  Falcon Northwest caters to the latter and their FragboxDRX is targeted at the person who wants their mobile system to score 13,535 in 3DMark 06.  Check it out at ExtremeTech.

“If you’re shopping for a Falcon Northwest gaming laptop, there’s no middle ground: Either go for broke or leave the website. Consider the FragBook DRX ($6,449 direct, starting prices around $4,000); the money you’ll have spent by the time you trick it out could avert several foreclosures. This 12-pound tank is one of only a handful of boutique laptops that have enough cooling fans to run a 3.33-GHz, Intel Core i7 975 processor—the top-of-the-line desktop processor, no less. Surround the CPU with an excellent supporting cast—an nVidia GeForce 280M GTX graphics card, 6GB of memory, and three internal hard drives (one of which is an 80GB SSD), and its competitors can only watch helplessly while they get pulverized in performance tests.”

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