PC users have entered a new state of power consciousness, something that is probably a good idea as some high end PCs probably use more energy than the sum of the rest of the appliances in the house in which it is situated.  Mind you, with the cost of a pair of dual GPU cards and an i7 965, the only appliances in said house may well be a beer fridge and a coffee maker. 

Enthusiasts are looking to the future, sometimes with great disappointment and sometimes with barely suppressed joy.  If you are looking for some joy, PC Perspective has two ways you can get there.  Smooth Creations have given Ryan a system to give away.  The contest is easy to enter but if you really want to win you have to watch the PC Perspective Podcast to find out the secret URL that will give you another chance to win.  You can also win a Galaxy GTX 275 OC with three fans thanks to Ryan’s generosity.