If you watched the live Podcast last night you got a sneak preview of the results of Allyn’s testing of the 2nd generation Intel X25-M.  Today the hard numbers have arrived in his full review.  Write speeds remain the drives Achilles Heel, the Indilinx controlled drives still end up on top though this new drive from Intel now has less than a 0.1ms Random Access time.  It is better than its predecessor across the board, and cheaper to boot!

“While the real-world improvements appear only marginal over its predecessor they *are* improvements. When combined with the drastic reductions in cost, Intel will be giving the competition a real run for their money. If the distributors can keep their margins on the slim side, more and more SSD buying decisions will be leaning towards the X25-M G2. Let’s hope Intel can keep supply high enough to make sure the prices start low and stay low.”

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