The MSI NGTX260 Lightning Black Edition 1792 MB DDR3 is an example of a company going all out trying to get a flagship card to the enthusiast.  Using 10 phase power with ‘military’ spec capacitors they pushed the card’s GPU and DDR3 up by 100MHz each, once InsideHW was done with it they hit 770MHz on the core, 1620MHz on the shaders and 2250MHz effective on the RAM.  Not only does the card offer some incredible speeds for a GTX260, it also comes with a 3.5″ drive bay front panel they call the AirForce Panel which shows card status, mode and all three current overclock stats.

“This is the best GTX260 graphics card on the market at this moment. Maybe this statement sounds too pompous, but it is pretty much real. MSI GTX260 Lightning is card that was created as result of MSI efforts and goal to create “perfect” graphics card. This model is, obviously, best suited for enthusiasts: for users that don’t ask for price when they want to have best piece of hardware in its class. This “class” is very important, because no matter how good and fast this card is, it will never be faster than most GTX285 and faster models, although it will be capable to put a good fight against GTX 275…”

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