If you think that the AMA Orc bears an odd name, you should see the actual heatsink its self.  The usual heatpipe assembly is there, but the black spikes and red claws are certainly unique.  As a Core i7 cooler it seems to prefer the heat, as it has the highest idling temperature but performs fairly well under a full load.  It will certainly leave a lasting impression on anybody who sees it displayed in your system.  Overclockers Club will be handing out experience points after you finish examining the orc.

“The AMA Orc looked cool, and didn’t do too bad at cooling the i7 down. The design is very unique thanks to the plastic decorations, and the packaging looked good. The grammar and typo errors on the packaging are a minor nuisance and not nearly as bad as some mistakes I’ve seen in the past – although they are still present nonetheless. The heat sink looks promising, and performance wasn’t bad nor was it stellar. Everything that was needed to install the heat sink was included which is always a plus. The packaging and heat sink both look cool. The major downfall was the performance This heat sink looks great but couldn’t keep up with smaller heat sinks like the ZEROTherm Core 92, which had half the heat pipes. The base is finished to a mirror shine, but is not perfectly flat, and the packaging does have some minor grammar issues.”

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