The last motherboard we saw for review by Steve and Josh was a huge hit with both of them and now Steve returns to look at Gigabyte’s AM3 MA770T-UD3P AMD 77. Perhaps the first thing to mention about the board is that its price is well under $100.  There are some drawbacks, such as only a single PCI-E 16x slot, but for anyone not planning on using multiple GPUs that is not a real concern.  Other PCI-E cards can use the four included PCI-E 1x slots.  Check out the full review to find out why this board is described as a “a diamond in a rock’s shell“.

“Most of the time, having dual PCI-E x16 slots isn’t really necessary if you plan to only use one PCI-E slot. The same thing goes for RAM and other pieces of hardware. The UD3P’s price might make some consumers think it’s cheap so they will overlook it. But, we are here to tell you, this is a diamond in a rock’s shell. It’s features might not stand out at first, but once you install it and get it up and running, we definitely noticed the stability and performance was well beyond its modest price tag.”

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