You can thank Intel for the sudden drop in SSD prices as their second generation X25 series has forced the competition to drop prices or suffer.  A perfect example is the OCZ Agility SSD 120GB, which will run you $300.  On paper it reads up to 230 MB/s writes at 135 MB/s and sustained writes of 80 MB/s.  The Guru of 3D tests those claims in their new review, so head on over and see how this drive stacks up and if it really is a great deal.

“The OCZ Agility series SSD is an accumulation of all the latest breakthroughs in SSD technology, including controller design, spiffy read/write speeds, and 64MB of onboard cache, yet with this series, it is available at a somewhat better price. See, by doing so OCZ shaves another 20 to 25% off the sales price.

We certainly were impressed by OCZ’s Agility for sure, blazing speeds, stunning access times and a nice cache making the SSD very suitable for any operating system.”

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