If you are looking for a new game mouse, or are perhaps wondering if you should try one, the $25 OCZ Behemoth might just be the answer you seek.  It sports 5 buttons, two lasers, removable weights, on the fly DPI switching from 800 to 3200 with an LED that tells you which DPI you are on as well as a bit of memory so that you can have different profiles for different games.  Mouse reviews are very subjective, but when you read the long list of things the Guru of 3D liked about this mouse, the investment seems well worth it as you are probably not going to be disappointed.

“We review and test the new OCZ Behemoth gaming mouse. This gaming mouse is packed with good features and has a great design. Very ergonomic, very well though through and very affordable as well.

The Behemoth has five key features. DPI switching, double lasers for double precision (well that the theory at least), it is weight adjustable and it has a braided cloth USB cord, no sticky rubber thing. Next to that the mouse has a little memory which means you can save game profiles in there.”

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