The Intel Pentium E6300 is a 45nm, $82 dual core processor running at 2.8GHz with a 266MHz FSB which can easily be bumped up to the speed of the $270 E8600 which is 3.3GHz at a FSB of 333MHz.  Madshrimps thought that was interesting, but that something was lacking, therefore they tried pumping the FSB up to 500MHz and the total speed to 4GHz.  The lack of cache might hurt the processor in certain conditions, but take a look at the numbers coming from a sub-$100 chip!

“When Intel released the Pentium E6300, many people were wondering: didn’t Intel release this CPU a long time ago? Intel entered the rebranding game ? What are the differences then and does the Pentium E6300 still deliver the power for today’s application and games ? Time to explore !”

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