We have a name for the processor that Larrabee will first make its home on, in about three years we will see Haswell.  By 2012 Intel is hoping to have settled down in the 22nm process and hopefully gotten over their GenX chipsets and replaced it with something newer as it will be ready for retirement by then.  Drop by SemiAccurate for a hint of what is to come in the next few years from Intel.  If you are confused about what Larrabee is and why you should care, Ryan’s article from March can refresh your memory.

“The integration is set for the Haswell generation, just over three years from now. For those not up on the current Intel long term roadies, the current core is called Nehalem and it is followed by a 32nm shrink named Westmere due late this year. In late 2010, we have another core called Sandy Bridge. It is followed up by Ivy Bridge, a shrink to 22nm in late 2011. Late the following year, 2012, we will see the debut of a core called Haswell.”

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