The Deneb based Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition processor is AMD’s new top of the line product.  The core is running at a nice and speedy 3.4 GHz, but the memory controller, HT link, and L3 cache are untouched, still  running at 2 GHz.  AMD has set the price at $245, a nice attractive price for a drop in upgrade.  Josh tests this 140W processor as far as it can go and a bit beyond, plus you can check out his new Frankencooler.

“Still, we must hand it to the folks in Austin and Dresden, they continue to compete and they continue to offer faster products at competitive prices. This in turn lowers the prices on slower parts, and the consumer gets a whole lot more performance for their buck. Add into this the improved motherboard support and the price of DDR-3 (though spiking recently) getting closer to DDR-2 levels, and users get another good option for their hard earned dollars (or whatever currency fits their needs).”

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