Wireless networking is really handy, no wires to drag or holes to drill and it is nice to be able to work where you want, as long as you are in range of your router.  The problem is security.  It has been over 2 years since the death of WEP as a useful tool to keep your packets safe.  Now it would seem that WPA has taken a bit of a beating.  The good news is that there are limits to this attack, you can gain the ability to read or change short packets, but you can neither read or change the WPA key.  The bad news is that those packets can be cracked in about a minute.  Head on over to Ars Technica to get more details and another weakness of the attack.

“In the wake of WEP’s failure, WiFi Protected Access (WPA) was supposed to keep our data safe as it blasted through the ether. It still works, but researchers have now crafted several effective attacks; the newest takes only to minute to decode a short packet.”

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