SmoothCreations is gaining a big name in the enthusiast crowd, as most systems are done just right.  Quality builds with seriously powerful components are just part of the parcel, there is also the incredible paint jobs that grace the outside of their cases.  New at the Guru of 3D is the LANShark, sporting a skull motif and side panel made entirely of acrylic.  Inside you find an i7 965, a GTX 295 and 6GB of OCZ DDR3-1600 and a Rampage II Gene motherboard, though you can customize the parts if you plan on ordering one.  The CPU is cooled via a Cool It Pure H2O and the rest of the components are cooled with fans, which did not stop the overclocking of this beast.  Check it out here.

“SmoothCreations delivers another thrilling custom computer. The LANShark is small, light, and fast. While it is plenty fast, its overclocking potential is limited by its cooling, however. The aim towards durability may compromises its full speed, but the custom paint job totally makes up for it.

Of course, the mind fills with catch-phrases, tag lines, cliches, and one-liners. The oppression of a fertile mind! I just got a text message from Cptn. Obvious, “It’s Shark Week at…” That’s a bit obvious, though.

Or something obscure and old school like, ‘Knock, knock… it’s LANShark!'”

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