In Win’s new Ammo external HDD cage has a unique trick that the security conscious will be interested in.  Encrypting and decrypting large files can be a time consuming process as you wait patiently by your top of the line PC with 8 threads and gobs of memory bandwidth for it to finish.  In Win feels that might be a little inconvenient and includes 128-bit AES encryption handled by a dedicated ASIC chip built right into the enclosure.  It also comes with a pair of RFID tags of which you need at least one to decrypt your data.  The Tech Reports biggest caveat is that this enclosure is for 2.5″ drives only, even though it is larger than many 3.5″ drive cages.

“External hard drive enclosures are a dime a dozen, but In Win’s Ammo brings something new to the table: RFID-authenticated AES encryption. It’s a novel idea, and the implementation is really quite slick.”

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