If you aren’t aware just what a Mobira Talkman is or remember when mobile phones weighed 20lbs, this review will be an eye opener.  If you are an old phone junkie, you might best take MektuMods warning and stay well away from this particular article.  By eviscerating the Talkman’s main unit and inserting a Commell LS-371 motherboard and an Intel T5500 Core 2 Duo, the brains of the HTPC come together.  Wait until you see what he did with the handset.

“Oh, and the reason why I wanted to do this. My old and trusty Xbox1 with XBMC has been streaming all our videos for us but the only problem is that it isn’t powerful enought to decode these new high definition file formats. I happened to have a 3.5″ form factor motherboard and as the new XBMC builds for Windows seemed stable enough, I decided it is time to update the box and build it inside a 25 years old mobile phone!”

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