It looks like AMD GPU fans attending QuakeCon 2009 (and you really should) will get a bit of an early dig into the world of the Catalyst 9.8 drivers.  According to this post on Catalyst driver lead Terry Makedon’s twitter page, users interested in getting the first taste of 9.8 should be following him:

If you want to be the first in the world to try Catalyst 9.8 and are at #quakecon, follow me for info!

Catalyst 9.8 to be previewed at QuakeCon 2009 - Graphics Cards 2
We have confirmed that Catalyst 9.8 will be available to anyone at QuakeCon by coming to the ATI booth on Thursday.  It will be publicly posted on Monday August 17th, and AMD found a way to make it available a few days earlier for the gamers as a special thank you. We expect them to be available on the torrents from Thursday once they spread at QuakeCon; we might even post them here if we get our hands on it.

Also make sure to be at our Hardware Workshop at QuakeCon where Terry Makedon will join our panel.

PS: AMD has some other surprises up their sleeves for QuakeCon as evident from this cryptic post on AMD’s blog about the new Wolfenstein game…
Back in the early nineties, there was a game that truly defined all video games that followed, do you remember? Well, for those readers who were not born yet, the game was called Wolfenstein 3D and its introduction was a defining moment.  Some believe that Wolfenstein 3D defined the FPS as we know it. I would have to completely agree!

If you were a Doom player then you can thank Wolf 3D for blazing the trail for what was, is, and continues to be an amazing gaming franchise.  Fast forward to August 2009 and transport yourself to Dallas, Texas and you can relive those original Wolf 3D experiences with AMD at Quakecon 2009.

id Software has teamed up with Raven Studios to develop a new game called “Wolfenstein”.  In the new game you play the original character William B.J Blazkowicz who just happens to be a super metalled out member of the Office of Secret Actions (OSA).  Come on, how cool would that business card be?