The pictures are up from PC Perspective at Quakecon and you can see them all here.  There are shots of just about everything you could imagine, starting with a quick look at the BYOC event and a new game from id that had a lot of people excited.  Two different breeds of modders showed up, one who excel at designing modifications to cases or simply creating their own from scratch.  The second group were much cooler, seeing as how they are carting around exotic cooling liquids as they search for the highest overclock.  The huge PC Perspective Prize Pile can be seen along with a lot of other great stuff, so click through and enjoy.

“Overclocker Sami Makinen Macci tweaks a few settings in the BIOS while K|ngp|in prepares to add more LN2 to their overclocking rig. The current world record for AMD’s Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition CPU is 7.002 GHz. They were easily able to hit 6 GHz early on in the day, but they continued to work throughout the evening to break the record.”

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