While other sites are previewing P55 motherboards that support the currently unobtainable i5 processor series.  Hardware Canucks is instead reviewing a new take on an old chipset.  The Blood Iron P45-T2RS Elite is for those still using LGA775 chips like the C2D Xeon E3110 they used to benchmark the board. Soon to be selling for ~$100, the baord supports 1600MHz FSB processors, a single x16 PCI-E slot as well as 3 x1 PCI-E slots, 8 channel audio and up to 6 SATA drives.  Perhaps the weakest point to this board that it is limited to DDR2, though that might be a good thing if you have a few DIMMs lying about unused.  Check out how much tweaking ability DFI included in the BIOS by reading on.

“Even with the the i7 and their accompanying X58 boards being the current most sought -after combination when it comes to CPUs, LGA775 chips continue to sell well. Because of this, many companies have opted to release additional P45 boards into their lineups. DFI has done just that with their new $100 Blood Iron P45-T2RS Elite. Can this board live up to the legends put forth by past DFI products? We intend to find out.”

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