If you have a few carats of 60,000 mesh diamond dust handy, and surely most of you do, why not make some thermal paste.  There are probably other uses for diamonds that other members of your household might subscribe too, but how can a sparkly ring compare to he incredible cooling results you can get because of its thermal properties.  Cheese and toothpaste might be fine for some, the rest should head straight to Hack a Day for the recipe.

"[Jared Bouck] over at InventGeek writes about his experience making his own thermal paste. Diamonds can be up to five times as thermally conductive as silver, the primary ingredient in most popular thermal compounds. He combines 60,000 mesh diamond dust he ordered off eBay with non-conductive silicon grease using a special mixer he constructed to keep down the dust. After some experimentation he achieved a max load temperature of 38 degrees Celsius versus a leading silver paste’s temperature of 57c on the same system."

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