There are many times when a PC just does not need that beautiful 7.1 speaker system plugged into it, and many people who are not terribly enamoured of headphones; which is why we still have 2.0 speaker systems around.  Many are absolute garbage, especially if the are made by a company you have never heard of and are handed out free with the purchase of anything.  Others, like the Eagletech ET-AR302-BK 2.0 soundstage speakers are a pleasant surprise.  For only $20 you get a pair of desktop speakers that Elite Bastards describe as ‘acceptable quality for office or decidedly causal use’ and ‘having a decidedly pleasing look that actually belies the cost of the unit itself.’

What were you expecting for $20?

“As per their ET-AR504LR-BK 2.1 speaker system, these ET-AR302-BK speakers certainly succeed in looking the part complete with a wood finish and overall aesthetic which looks pretty stylish to my eyes. The only real downside is that they seem to attract dust pretty readily on those rather shiny plastic fronts, which does reduce their looks over time unless you’re going to visit them regularly with a duster. The right-hand speaker is the main one for the unit, and thus holds both a power and volume control switch as well as being the speaker which connects to the mains. A blue LED lights up when the speakers are turned on, which may be distracting to some during normal operation but I didn’t find it an issue to be honest.”

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