Creative’s new offering for mobile entertainment uses their Zii Plaszma OS to power the Creative Zii EGG.  Sporting a touchscreen interface, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth an accelerometer and a potential 64GB storage capacity, half onboard and half in external memory cards, it does a lot more than the Zen ever thought of doing.   Capable not only of HD video playback it can output 1080p video to a suitable display.  Unfortunately, Hardware Zone seems to imply this incarnation is a proof of concept that will be released to developers and OEMs to improve upon as opposed to a consumer level product. 
“Thanks to the folks at Creative, we were treated to a sneak peak at its recently announced Creative Zii EGG. While it’s not exactly a consumer product, the potential it holds for developers could inadvertently affect how consumers view the mobile device in the future. We share with you our first impressions.”

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