The version of Windows 7 available via TechNet or MSDN subscription is now missing the Release Candidate part of its name, the final code has been spit and polished and sent out the door to make its way in the world.  As well, today is the day that volume licensed customers get their hands on Windows 7.  They are the first to get their hands on the official version of the software and the first valid keys.  Of course, those customers never tend to see a disk, so we still can’t see the box art in the flesh, if you are into that type of thing.  Drop by The Inquirer for a link to the relevant Microsoft blog.

“WINDOWS 7 versions on the TechNet and MSDN download sites no longer carry the “RC” designation.

While the software will not go on general sale until October 22, it means that the full version of Windows 7 is now available to hundreds of thousands of potential punters.”

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