The holographic slideshow is a reality, unfortunately they were aiming for a moving picture.  Current technology can render a nice holographic image by using all the processing power available, the problem being that there is nothing left to apply shading, or lighting and shadows.  A prototype card called the HORN-6 looks to be a huge step forward in the quest to bring animated holography to the big and small screen.  If you slap 4 of them in a system, you can get a nice holographic image that can be refreshed at a speed of 1 frame per second, sort of like Crysis on an IGP.  Drop by Ars Technica for a look at the problems and the possible solutions to this dimensional dilemma.

“If the resurgence of 3D glasses at local cinemas are any indication, we all want a bit more, ahem, depth to our cinematic experience. Unfortunately, the stylish glasses don’t exactly lend themselves to an immersive experience. What would be really cool would be animated holograms. While holograms aren’t the easiest things in the world to make, it is possible to take a 3D computer model and compute the data necessary to generate a hologram that can be used to project a 3D image from a screen. Given that animation is largely computer generated now anyway, where are my holographic animated movies? ”

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