Netbooks are grand, inexpensive, flexible, light and with long battery life; seemingly the perfect mobile form factor.  There are drawbacks to having an 11.1″ or smaller form factor, for instance a normal sized keyboard is well over 1′ long and who really wants to watch a movie or TV show on a screen that size.   16″ and up and you start running into weight problems and that larger LCD looks nice but it also shortens the battery’s run time.  The Tech Report investigates an Acer Aspire Timeline that sits right in the middle, at a 13.3″ form factor offering a higher resolution of screen and the ability to put in a slightly trimmed keyboard that still comes close to being full size.  Drop by and see how well Aspire did.

“Starting at just $600, Acer’s new line of 13.3″ ultraportable notebooks packs Core 2 processors, 1366×768 displays, 4GB of memory, full-size keyboards, and six-cell batteries. What’s not to like? A few things, actually. But there’s also plenty to love.”

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