The new 785GM-E65 AMD board matches the 790G with one big exception, the presence of an integrated graphics processor.  This is no old and busted IGP, this is a DX10.1 & SM4.1 compliant Radeon HD 4200 running at 500MHz with 4 ROPs, 8 Texture address units, 4 Texture filtering units and some new tricks with its shared memory. tried it out on some new games and the performance was bang on with an HD 3200, maybe a smidgen better thanks to the memory changes.  Those not looking to game on the motherboard will be more than pleased to know it is powerful enough to pump out Blu-Ray content over its built in HDMI port.  

“From the perspective of a gamer that is used to playing games with all of the settings on maximum and with high resolution, the 785GM-E65 is a bit of a disappointment, being that performance in games is not fully playable with high settings enabled. This motherboard is not targeted for the hardcore enthusiast who would likely have a bleeding-edge video card anyway so that’s not a big issue. The casual gamer wanting to play games with all of the visual fidelity and features of the discrete card will love the integrated graphics as the HD 4200 has support for Shader Model 4.1 and fully supports DX 10.1.”

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