If you haven’t heard by now, you are probably burrowed and forgotten about because the net is flush with news about StarCraft 2.  The biggest news is that it is still coming and set for release next year, unlike some other StarCraft games who have become less that ghosts.  It is not going to be your average RTS base building game with a thin story for wrapping, from the looks of the video and previews around the web, it is going to have much more story and unique paths to reach the end of the single player campaign.  Drop by Ars Technica for a look at what they have seen, plus they have linked to other previews to whet your taste for this long awaited sequel.
“On July 20, Blizzard held an event for the press to allow game writers to get their first taste of StarCraft 2 single-player. Ars Technica received what amounted to a golden ticket for the event, but I was unfortunately busy attending to a personal issue and had to politely decline… no matter how great the temptation. What Blizzard revealed was a completely rethought single-player experience that goes beyond what was attempted in the first game. While some are still hung up on the lack of LAN play, what is offered to those playing alone is substantial.”

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