If you are the proud owner of a gaming laptop, your problems are a little different than the average mobile user.  You are neither concerned about weight, nor about battery life, your top concern is heat.  Laptop coolers have been around for a while now, first to deal with the inefficient cooling of older laptop lines and now to cope with gaming laptops and desktop replacements.  The Thermaltake Massive23 CS may be the first one with a 230mm fan to provide the air flow, the multicoloured LEDs are just icing on the cake.  Check it out at Overclockers Club.

“Processor manufacturers nowadays are working on making cooler and more efficient processors, especially for mobile applications. However, processors still generate a lot of heat, and in the cramped confines of a laptop chassis, this heat can really build up. This is why companies like Thermaltake make mobile cooling solutions, such as the Massive23 CS Notebook Cooler. This cooler is designed to raise the laptop at an angle to allow air to circulate around the chassis, as well as make the laptop’s keyboard more ergonomically attractive. The fact that Thermaltake is marketing this as a “Gaming” Notebook Cooler makes me hope that it will be able to provide me with significant cooling, as well as sleek looks.”

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