The pricing on the new Intel Core i5 has slipped out and hit the news over at The Inquirer.  At $232 or $244 on release date, it sits below the i7 920 by a nice $30 and you can expect that price to drop.  The LGA1156 motherboards are expected to be a little less expensive than their LGA1366 sisters, which may lead the value conscious AMD fan astray with promises of higher performance.  The trouble is that while we do know the price of the Core i5’s, we still have no official idea just how they will perform compared to AMD’s current offerings. 

“DETAILS OF INTEL’S Core i5 processor have shown up on a retailer’s website.

FadFusion has been running an advert for the Core i5-570 processor which it says will run at 2.66GHz and includes 8MB of cache.

The chip is priced at $232 or £140 in proper money. At the University of Maine, Computer Connection is also carrying the Core i5-570 chip at a price of $244.

So far Intel has not said much about the Core i5 line. Intel already offers quad core Core i7 chips for high-end desktops and is expected to also launch Core i3 chips for low-end desktops.”

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