At $53 the Aerocool Touch 2000 Touch Panel offers quite a bit to the enthusiast that wants a front panel both stellar looking and functional.  One e-SATA and two USB plugs plus mic and headphone jacks accompany a touch interface that lets you control four fans and monitor temperatures in four different places inside your case.  If that sounds like something that would interest you, take a gander at the full review at Pro-Clockers.

“Sometimes these frontal devices are more interesting than cases and some of the other things we review on a daily basis. And this next items is one of those times. The Aerocool Touch 2000 is a handy little display that allows the user to keep a watchful on eye the internal working of the PC. And if any adjustments are needed it’s done via touch and not the clicking of little buttons. Let’s take a closer look at the Touch 2000.”

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