Naming your heatsink as a Killer Whale is certainly one way to try to stand out in a crowded market, but seems to make as much sense as Miga.  The motif is more reminiscent of a striking cobra with an oddly shaped fan attached to its head. The direct contact heatpipes forming the neck with the head made up of the cooling fins; the oddly shaped fan is simply a loudish, oddly shaped fan.  The 900g heatsink is quite adaptable, being compatible with Intel 775/1366 and AMD socket 939 through to AM3; LGA1156 support is still in the works.  It didn’t do well enough to hit FrostyTechs’ top 5 list, but it still ended up doing much better than a stock cooler.

“DeepCool’s Killer Whale heatsink is a top-down cooler built around two critical things. It has a hefty solid copper heat spreader (base) onto which six 6mm diameter heatpipes have been soldered, and a large and potentially very quiet 48mm thick 120mm PWM fan that spins at 1000-1800RPM. The fan moves approximately 78CFM, while generating at most 53.5 dBA and at least a whisper quiet 34.8 dBA. The Killer Whale stands 140mm tall and weighs a hefty 900 grams, but if you were to replace the fan with a more compact 120mm model that height could be as little as 92mm + fan thickness.”

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