At first glance, the HP Pavilion Slimline s5160f seems like an HTPC system; small and slim build, Blu-ray drive, TV tuner and a wireless mouse and keyboard combo.  Inside the machine you find a Core2 Quad Q8200 and 6GB of DDR3-1066 which offers a bit more power than you might expect, making word processing and surfing a strong possiblity.  The main downfall of the system is the NVIDIA GeForce G210 graphics card, you won’t be gaming on the Slimline but you’ll have no problem with streaming video.  If you are looking for a machine powerful enough for a machine used productively with the ability to play HD Blu-ray movies after the work day is done, take a look at this recent review from Digital Trends.

“HP pitches its Pavilion Slimline s5160f desktop PC as ‘made for multimedia.’ But if your definition of multimedia includes hardcore games, steer a wide berth around this machine. It’s a capable enough computer for digital photography, music, TV, and movies, but it doesn’t have the graphics horsepower that state-of-the-art games demand.”

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