Sticking the Intel X58 chipset on a mATX board seems to be rather popular, both for motherboard manufacturers as well as the enthusiast crowd.  The Asus Rampage II GENE was first, but MSI has followed up with their new $169 X58M microATX motherboard.  Even with its small size, it can still handle 6 DIMMs a pair of PCIe 16x cards and 7 SATA devices, just to name a few of the features appearing on this board.  Overclocking is also strong on this relatively inexpensive board, a 200MHz base clock is beyond its means, but getting an i7 920 to 3.8GHz is still a nice showing from this board.  Get all the juicy details at Neoseeker.

“The X58M is a very capable motherboard out of MSI’s entry-level lineup: it packs a whole bunch of features into a small mATX form factor. And with the ability to install the usual six DDR3 modules in triple channel configuration, as well as two video cards in CrossFire or SLI, the X58M is on equal footing with some of the more expensive, higher-end X58 ATX boards we have reviewed.”

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