Earbuds are handy when you are on the go or if you really don’t like full earcups and the associated headgear, with in-ear being the most popular style currently.  Of the in-ear buds, the Razer Moray In-Ear Headphones are near the top of most people’s lists and they have just been improved upon.  The Razer Moray+ Mobile Gaming Communicator takes that design and adds an in-line microphone to the mix.  Drop by OCIA to see if the quality of these new earbuds and mic can match the original.

“Towards the end of last year, Rutledge reviewed the Razer Moray In-Ear Headphones, a set of light weight earbuds perfect for those gamers on the go. While also offering compatibility with all sorts of mobile devices, such as multimedia cell phones, MP3 players and personal game consoles, the Moray could also be used on a PC with the included adapter. However times have changed, technology has advanced, and gamers demand more. Wouldn’t it be great if they would make a set of travel buds with an inline mic so you could frag on the go and still communicate with the rest of your clan? Or how about being able to call your virtual dog’s name or blow on a hot dish, fresh out of the oven without having to talk directly into the screen of your DS? Razer has you covered, as they release the Moray+ mobile gaming communicator.”

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