Conclusion and Final Thoughts

We caught wind of this new firmware possibly supporting ATA-spec TRIM.  This would have been icing on the cake, so I took a few added steps to test for it.  The unit was refragmented and mounted under Windows 7 Ultimate.  Several TRIM-inducing operations were performed on the drive, using both Win 7 native SATA drivers as well as the newest AHCI driver from Intel (  In this testing, we saw no evidence of TRIM at play.  It is possible that current drivers do not support passing along the TRIM commands, but there is no way to know for sure at present.  Given TRIM had no effect using the native Win 7 drivers, I suspect this firmware has not yet implemented ATA-spec TRIM.

** Update ** : ATA8 ACS2 TRIM is on the feature list for the new firmware, and the code is complete, but the feature was turned off in the 1585 build of OCZ’s firmware.  We *should* be seeing it at work in future builds, and will bring you the details once we see it in action on our testbed.


  • Performance restoration after heavy fragmentation events.
  • Performance-over-time for RAID users (Colossus included).
  • Performance-over-time for Mac and Linux users.
  • 50% hit on to/from file copy speed (due to a suspected bug).
  • Slight drop in random read performance.
Final Thoughts/ Conclusion

While there are a few more bugs to work out of the current beta firmware, a vital (and needed) feature has been added.  Background garbage collection / block data realignment will be vital to OCZ’s future offerings such as Colossus, which will place multiple Indilinx controllers behind an integral RAID solution.  OCZ are definitely on their way to producing an excellent firmware for their Indilinx-controlled Vertex line of SSDs.  We will continue to work with OCZ on this firmware and will put out final benches once we can log some hours on the release code.  As always: Stay Tuned!

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