The most interesting topic in the forums this weekend is, and will continue to be, Ryan, Josh and Steve representing PC Perspective at QuakeCon 2009.  Ryan already has some shots up from John Carmack’s keynote speech and a look around of the first full day of QuakeCon.  Even more popular is Ryan’s post in the forums about the PC Perspective Hardware Workshop, with a list of the prizes he his giving out.  The list is a little short, there is only about $20,000 worth, so make sure you visit early.  That isn’t all that is going on here at PC Perspective, there is also a newly updated Hardware LeaderboardMake sure to drop by its forum to discuss the picks and to offer any alternatives and ask any questions.

We don’t know yet what prizes AMD will be handing over to Ryan to give out but a lot of people are hoping for the new Phenom II 965, or maybe even a TWKR as some forum members truly seem to deserve one.  Allyn is missing out on QuakeCon, but seeing as how a slew of SSDs have recently arrived on his desk, it is probably for the best as he will be around to contribute to storage discussions on the finer points in the performance of the drives, for instance the new generation of Intel drives.

All in all it is a fine summer for those looking for the latest and greatest in computer parts.  If you feel you have been missing some of the newest kit, the PC Perspective Podcast is your best bet and Episode 69 is now available in audio.  The video will show up once John Carmack finds someone other than Ryan to hang out with.