Apart from the form factor and the use of a much faster transfer bus, flash drives are becoming the defacto standard for data storage.  The 120GB+ tend to prefer a SATA or eSATA interface, while the smaller drives tend to use USB for transfer and lack sophisticated controllers.  The A-DATA 32GB XPG is one of the smaller drives, both in storage capacity and in physical size and it is up for review at Legit Reviews.  Can it live up to its Xupreme name? Follow the link to find out.
“The dimensions on all of the capacities of the A-DATA Xupreme 200X 32GB USB 2.0 flash drive are 66.0mm x 19.0mm x 10.0mm with a weight of 15g, which makes it a fairly small USB 2.0 Flash drive with 30 MB/s read speeds. The Xupreme 200X is clad by an elegant looking dark gray aluminum housing that has been brushed. Between the two aluminum housings is a small plastic strip that I thought would light up during use, but the drive has no activity light on it whatsoever…”

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