See you at QuakeCon 2009!

At this summer’s Quakecon 2009 LAN party and enthusiast gaming expo, we are hosting our first PC Perspective Hardware Workshop! At the event we will have live demos of brand new gaming hardware, an overclocking demonstration, case mod contest finale and of course, we will be giving away lots and lots of prizes ($20,000 worth!!!). Come in and see when it is, where it is and how you can be involved!
PC Perspective Hardware Workshop at QuakeCon 2009 - General Tech 3

QuakeCon 2009 – Main Stage

Saturday, August 15th @ noon CT

Watch the replay of the 2009 PC Perspective Hardware Workshop!!

At this summer’s QuakeCon 2009 LAN party and gaming event, PC Perspective will be hosting its first Hardware Workshop!  The workshop will include overclocking demonstrations, industry panelist debates, Q&A from the audience and of course, thousands of dollars in prizes for QuakeCon attendees.

Case Mod Competition

Along with the Hardware Workshop, PC Perspective is sponsoring and judging the annual case mod contest!  There are two categories for the competition: “from scratch” and “pre-fab” that will allow those that build their computer enclosures from the ground up to compete separately from those that heavily modify their existing cases and systems. 

On Friday the PCPer staff will be wandering around the BYOC area looking at the various entries for the mod contest (sign up to enter during registration) and will then select two finalists from each competition category, “pre-fab” and “from scratch”.  Those finalists will be asked to bring their systems to the Hardware Workshop on Saturday to show off the designs, explain the detailed work that went into each and what they learned during the modification process.  On stage we will select one of the two competitors for each category as the WINNER and they will take home some kick-ass hardware as well as one of only 100 raffle tickets for a 2010 Shelby Mustang GT!!!

Streaming Live

For those gamers and enthusiasts unable to attend QuakeCon in person, we will be attempting to stream the event LIVE on this very page.  Once we get that configuration up and running reliably we will get the online viewers involved by raffling off prizes here as well!!

Check back here on the day of the event (this Saturday) to watch!!

Prize Listing (subject to change)

None of this would be possible without the help of our great sponsors that donated prizes for our workshop.  Everyone that is participating realizes that they owe a lot to the gaming and enthusiast community that – the donations and gifts to give away are there way of saying ‘thanks’.  This prize list is estimated and is subject to change (shipping is a pain sometimes).

  • AMD
    • TBD
  • Antec
    • Nine Hundred and Two chassis
    • 2x TruePower PSU
    • 3x Multimedia Station
  • ASUS
    • 2x ROG Rampage II Gene X50 motherboards
    • 9800 GTX+
    • 9800 GTX Matrix
    • 9800 GT Ultimate
    • 2x HD 4850 TOP
    • 2x Xonar DS
  • BFG
    • 2x GTX 295
    • 2x GTX 285 2GB
    • 2x 1000w PSU
    • 2x 1200w PSU
  • Corsair
    • 40x 4GB Survivor USB drives
    • 2x 6GB DDR3 memory kit
    • 2x 4GB DDR2 memory kit
    • Obsidian 800D chassis
    • 2x 750w PSU
    • 2x 850w PSU
    • 2x Corsair H50 water cooler
  • Galaxy
    • 50x NVIDIA GPU keychains
    • 2x GTS 250
    • 9600 GT 
  • Gigabyte
    • TBD
    • 10x Street Fighter 4 game
    • TWIMTBP Game Pack (FIFA 09, FEAR 2, FarCry 2, Mirror’s Edge, etc)
    • Microsoft Zune HD powered by NVIDIA Tegra (!!!)
    • ASUS GeForce GTX 295
    • Full SLI gaming system with 3D Vision display and glasses (and a 24-pack of Bawls)
  • OCZ Technology
    • 5x 8GB ATV USB drives
    • 2x 4GB DDR2 memory kit
    • 100x Behemoth Regulator Mousepad
    • 2x Vendetta CPU cooler
    • 60GB Summit SSD
  • Seasonic
    • 650w PSU
    • 750w 80 Plus Silver PSU
    • 850w 80 Plus Silver PSU
  • Thermaltake
    • 5x Element T chassis
    • 3x SpinQ CPU cooler
    • 5x BlackX external HDD dock 
By our estimates we have more than $20,000 worth of prizes on hand to pass out completely FREE to attendees of the PC Perspective Hardware Workshop!!!

There will be other stuff to be given away not listed on this page including 400 custom T-shirts with the workshop logo on them, games and random swag.  If you are going to be at QuakeCon this year, you do NOT want to miss this event!!

I will be updating this page with information about our trip to QuakeCon (a 14 hour drive with prizes in tow), pictures, prize updates and more, so check back often.

PC Perspective Hardware Workshop at QuakeCon 2009 - General Tech 4