Empty it weighs in over 10kg or 22lbs and it stands 2″ tall or 609mm for those dedicated metric types, sports 7 fans of which the smallest is 120mm and fit ungodly amounts of storage and expansion cards.  It is Corsair’s first case and the Obsidian Series 800D is poised to make a huge splash in the market, entering at the $280 mark.  What can this monumental case manage?  Drop by HEXUS and be prepared to be jealous.

“Once upon a time, in Fremont, California, a group of ladies and gentlemen known as Corsair decided they needed something else to do. Having conquered the world of high- performance computer memory and power supplies, they felt the need to invade another market segment.

According to legend, they attempted to construct a moon-sized space station that could destroy a planet – and all its competitors – in a single attack. That attempt failed, but they came up with this instead…”

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