To offer computer users a more stable and efficient solution to cope with the latest quad core CPU system and power-consuming and high-end computer components, Seasonic now launches the S12D Series that complies with the latest Intel ATX12V and EPS12V specification and available in 750W and 850W.

The S12D Series represents the ‘Green PC technology’ that helps computer users save on electricity bills all around. It achieves the 80PLUS Silver standard that guarantees an above 85% efficiency rating across 20%, 50% and 100% loadings along with a true power factor of >0.9. Moreover, the S12D series is compliant with Energy Star 5.0 and reduces energy consumption under standby, sleep and idle modes.

The Seasonic S12D Series is equipped with advanced design and quality components to satisfy consumers’ need for stability and reliability. With the DC to DC converter design and under ±3% of voltage variation rate, the S12D Series is geared up for superior dynamic response supporting a foundation for greater system stability. Adapting the high-quality solid caps on 12V output and highly reliable 105℃ Japanese capacitors, the 12D Series is able to employ its features of low resistance, high level of heat-proofing, a high level of performance, stability, and durability under high operating temperatures, frequencies, and currents. Such employments also make it easy to collaborate with other high-end computer peripherals boosting up the overall performance of the computer system as well as extending the system’s life.

In terms of silence, the S12D Series implements S2FC design together with a San Ace Silent Fan [SANYO DENKI] and low wind drag structure. This implementation of Japanese high-quality components and silent fan control designs aim to provide a perfect balance between noise and cooling as well as an even quieter operating environment for computer users.

The brand new Seasonic S12D Series is designed for computer enthusiasts and gamers who will not settle for less than a greater experience of performance and stability. The Seasonic S12D series will soon be available at retailers and e-retailers worldwide. Most importantly, the 5 year warranty will keep Seasonic’s promise to consumers for an ultimate power supply.

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Seasonic S12D Series - The energy-efficient and advanced solution for gamers and PC enthusiasts - Cases and Cooling 2