Cooling off high end processors with air can be a major chore and usually requires you to choose a case carefully as it will have to contain a very tall heatsink that will produce significant noise.  Scythe has tried to fix these problems with their Zipang 2 cooler for both AMD and Intel processors.  At a height of only 105mm it should fit in almost any case and its unique fan is designed to give reasonable cooling without a deafening roar.  Pop by Frostytech to see if they sacrificed too much to make the cooler quiet and compatible, or if they managed to find a sweet spot.

“There are a couple aspects that go into making the Zipang 2 unique, but let’s start with the basics. The Scythe Zipang 2 (SCZP-2000) heatsink features six 6mm diameter copper heatpipes, “multiple airflow pass-through” aluminum fins, a copper base plate and a mammoth 140mm PWM fan that spins at a leisurely 1000 RPM. The heatsink weighs in at 715 grams and stands just 105mm high. That squat height means it competes well against the multitude of +150mm tall tower heatsinks which are too big for a great many PC cases out there. The fan has 11 impeller blades and is rated for 51.4 CFM.”

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