Advanced Clock Calibration, what can’t it do?  First it was the dual and triple channel Phenom IIs seeing their unused cores being unlocked and forced to become useful.  Then as people got wind of that ability there was a huge upswing in returned CPUs as everyone tried to find a CPU whose disabled cores were flawless.  Now it turns out that the Semprons  know the same trick.  The $40 Sempron 140 can be turned into a dual core processor if you find one that was binned below its means, at least according to The Inquirer.  Happy hunting!

“EARLIER THIS YEAR the tinkerers with chips were pleased to hear that AMD triple core (X3) processors could be unlocked by some motherboards to gain an extra processing core.

However it turns out that the cheap as er, chip single core Sempron 140 can also be unlocked to provide a 2.7 GHz dual-core processor for just $50.”

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