TechARP has been testing Windows 7 since back in the days when it first put on its beta suit and went out to meet the world.  They have seen it change into a second beta outfit and watched its holes and bugs get washed out and now it has finally been released into the public eye.  They take a look at the new Aero Glass interface to see how attractive it is, as well as it’s effect on the system.  Has Microsoft managed to make an OS that looks pretty and doesn’t demand you buy it new things?  Read on to find out.

“Beta testers have so far been very impressed with Windows 7. It’s fast and it’s stable. One of the reasons is the improved graphics capability in Windows 7. Microsoft seemed hesitant in utilizing the full capabilities of the graphics processor in Windows Vista, which was a real shame. Windows 7 changes all that, and that’s what we will be talking about today.

Back in June, we first revealed inside information on the kind of improvement in graphics that you will see in Windows 7. That first article focused on DirectX improvements in Windows 7, which covers everything from Direct 2D to Direct3D 11. This article will refer to the same topics, albeit in much less detail, so be sure to give our in-depth article on Direct3D Improvements In Windows 7 a read.

In this article, we will focus on the Windows 7 graphical desktop, which will also include everything from Aero to 3D gaming and video playback. Although Microsoft has publicly revealed some details on some of these improvements, this article will give you the full details.”

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