Ikonik’s Ra series of cases are large sized and usually focused on water cooling.  The newest, the Ikonik Ra X10 SIM does not come with a water cooling setup, it is for the air cooling control freak.  This case is 20lbs of aluminum and comes with a a single 140mm, a pair of 120mm, and 10 80mm fans.  The SIM part of its name denotes the software which allows you to control all of the fans in various mods, such as Silent for those loving quiet, to Performance mode for you overclockers out there.  The review of this fancy white full ATX case is up at Think Computers, so what are you waiting for.

“Recently I reviewed Ikonik’s flagship case, the Ra X10 Liquid, an aluminum liquid cooled full tower. Today I will be looking at a slightly more basic version of that case, the Ra X10 Sim, which doesn’t have the liquid cooling components, but does have the Sim module, a USB controlled component that gives total control over the 13 case fans. Yes you read that right, 13 fans, the Ra X10 is a very ventilated case. Read on to check out the Ikonik Ra X10 Sim!”

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