Allyn has been hard at work on the new OZC Vertex custom Indilinx firmware which enables garbage collection, perhaps one of the most interesting features an SSD can have.  Think of it as a way for SSDs to heal themselves from the damage of file transfers and deletions that defragmenting took care of on platter based drives.  Allyn subjects the poor drive to his custom made SSD killing test and watched in amazement as the drive healed its self over time without his needing to repair it.
“Perhaps the biggest take-home on all of this is the fact that sequential performance was restored to like-new conditions, on its own, and completely independent of any partition being present on the drive. Other controllers, like those from Samsung, have resorted to a so called ‘auto-TRIM’ feature, which is only compatible with NTFS partitions at present, and cannot work properly when those units are behind a RAID.”

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