With a display of 11.6″, both the Aspire One 751 vs. Gateway LT3103 are a touch too big to be called netbooks, even if the Acer does use an Atom processor.  The Aspire depends on the Atom Z520 along with 2GB DDR2-667 and the same GPU that powers the iPhone, regardless of how it is branded.  In comparison the Gateway offering is powered by an A64 L11, 2GB DDR2-667 and an ATI Radeon X1270.  When The Tech Report started the all important HD video playback testing, well … “both systems are pretty much a big pile of fail when it comes to anything beyond 480p QuickTime files“.   Battery life and the overall performance were more positive, thankfully. 

“These two little laptops from Acer and Gateway are close cousins. They share the same 11.6″ displays and nearly full-sized keyboards, and as a result, they’re two of the most compelling netbooks yet. To hold one is to want one. But which is better? Let’s find out.”

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