The new 785G chipset is bringing a lot of fun to the low cost, IGP bearing motherboard market.  The specific target for Josh’s testing was the MSI 785G-E65, chock full of 55 nm based parts manufactured by TSMC.  Designed with the low cost system builder in mind, more specifically the HTPC builder, this board has eight PCM audio streams for true 7.1 audio as well as the new version of their Universal Video Decoder and accelerated video transcode, it is incredible what the 785G chipset has to offer.  You have to see it to believe it, so read the full review here.

“The gaming performance of the 785G is ‘good enough’ for most people. It will play older games at higher resolutions and quality settings, but still can play more modern titles at lower resolutions and quality settings. Casual games such as Sims 3 should have no issues with running on the 785G. AMD’s recent driver support has been very good, and while they may not put in CrossFire profiles for the latest games until a month or two after release, we can rest assured that even newer titles will work without problem on the 785G.”

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